Historic Operator:

1880s Establishment of a Telegraphy Services in Taiwan.
Telegraph Morse designed for a western alphabet are complicated to use
with Chineese language pictographic characters.

1890 Introduction of the Phone
invented, 1876, in the United States by Alexander Graham Bell.
The first phonelines operate in Nanjing, China

Directorate General of Telecommunications
1943 The Directorate General of Telecommunications
established by the government.

1980s Ministry of Transportation and Communications
began to liberalize the market.

1996 Chunghwa Telecom is privatised,
The government retains less than 50% of the company.
Shares introduced to

2000 Chunghwa Telecom is introduced to the Taiwan Stock Exchange

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom is the historic Taiwan Telco
(incumbent local exchange carrier)
operating fixed and mobil phone lines
as well as Internet connections and television.

1:36 min Video presenting Chunghwa Telecom (2017)

With the arrial of GSM
new operators appeared in the country

Mobile Telecom Companies

Chunghwa Telecom
Chunghwa Telecom / CHT is the larges mobile operator of Taiwan

Taiwan Mobile.com
Taiwan Mobile (exPacific Cellular Corporation)
is the second largest Mobil Operator in Taiwan
Taiwan Mobile originated in PEWC Pacific Electric Wire & Cable

Far East One.net
Far East One Taiwan Mobile (exPacific Cellular Corporation) by Sentel GSM
is the third largest Mobile Operator in Taiwan

Market Regulation

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